Welcome to the official website for NUIG’s Dramsoc! September 2015 is the start of our 103rd session. As one of NUIG’s longest running societies, we have developed a very large list of members and alumni. In 2014, Dramsoc won ‘Most Alive Society’ at NUIG’s Society Awards and in 2015 we were runner up.  All of our members are very loyal and dedicated, spending countless hours in rehearsals, meetings, building sets, making costumes, hanging lights etc. etc. We aim to provide experience in every aspect of theatre with our worshops and hands on experience with developing shows.

Each semester we take submissions from anyone wanting to direct a play. They must fill out the form (usually sent out by Dramsoc via email) and outline their ideas, aims and plan of action. A production document is provided with the submission form and each applicant must read this in order to fully understand how our productions work. A full production team is not necessary in the submissions stages, but it is recommended that you have, at least a Director and Stage Manager. If you cannot make up the production team yourself, our committee would be more than happy to recommend some of our other members.

Each year we take part at the ISDA (Irish Student Drama Association) festival. The plays produced by Dramsoc are evaluated by two or three judges and at the end of the academic year they choose the ones most suited to taking part in the festival itself. The last three years have been some of the best for NUIG Dramsoc, being nominated for numerous times and winning in categories such as Best Actor, Best Ensemble, Judges Discretionary, Best Original Writing and Best Sound Design.  In 2016, NUIG hopes to host the festival and make it one of the best for all colleges so far. (More details about this to come soon!)